About us

Welcome to Chengdu Dwel Sensing Technology Co. Ltd, a pioneering force in large-scale specialized products. With a rich history rooted in decades of dedicated research, we excel in pressure, liquid level, temperature, and flow solutions. Our commitment to innovation has earned us the prestigious Chinese High Tech Compliance Award and over 20 patents, solidifying our position as industry leaders.

Spanning diverse sectors such as plastic extrusion, injection molding, chemical, textile, and more, our applications resonate across numerous industries worldwide. From water treatment to automotive and beyond, our cutting-edge technology finds relevance in the intricate workings of air pressure machinery, hydraulic systems, elevators, and air conditioning.

Notably, our global impact extends to over 60 countries, including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Israel, Australia, Turkey, India, Malaysia, Colombia, and Indonesia. At Chengdu Dwel, we take pride in delivering innovative solutions that transcend boundaries, elevating industries and setting new standards for excellence.

As an esteemed authority in the field, Chengdu Dwel Sensing Technology Co. Ltd proudly serves as an authorized distributor for renowned brands, including GEFRAN, DYNISCO, RKC, AUTONICS, LS, PEPPERL+FUCHS, OMRON, SIEMENS, WEINVIEW, SICK, PARKER, WEST, EUROTHERM, SAND and ZHYQ. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our innovative in-house products to encompass a comprehensive range of industrial automation solutions. From melt pressure producers to position sensors, photoelectric sensors, and ultrasonic sensors, we offer a diverse portfolio. Additionally, our catalog includes controllers, inverters, relays, HMI, PLC, and more. By aligning with these reputable brands, Chengdu Dwel ensures the delivery of cutting-edge technologies and reliable products, further solidifying our dedication to empowering industries worldwide.